Testing & Commissioning

Meeting customer requirement is part of our vision as a company, and we take pride in putting in measures to see that the follow objectives are achieved.



Yarco offers internal testing, factory acceptance testing (FAT), site acceptance testing (SAT) and Site integration testing (SIT). We ensure our test procedures are in compliance with client’s requirements and global standards e.g IEC, ISA/ANSI, NFPA and many more. This is the stage where we verify all functional requirements approved at the design stage of the project.

All relevant test checksheets and results shall be generated and submitted to clients. All punchlist are also reviewed and closed out


To ensure that all systems and components of a plant are designed, installed, tested, operated and maintained according to the operational requirements of the customer, Yarco offers outstanding commissioning services in a bid to achieving this. We provide commissioning services for both green & brown field (of new & existing) projects subject to upgrade, revamping and so on.

We use our globally acceptable checklists for ensuring compliance to project objective(s).