Our Expertise

Yarco company with 15 years of experience in various fields by forming a team of experts and experienced in many industrial fields such as control and automation, electrical systems and precision instruments, manufacturing electrical panels, fire and gas alarms, compressor control systems , remote monitoring systems and... are specialized and ready to provide service to respected customers according to international standards.

Automation & Control Systems

Innovation is the driver of modern industries. Consequently, there is a major shift in major industrial processes, from conventional machines.Learn more

Electrical & Instrumentation

Electrical systems are major components of all industrial units/sections. They demand highly reliable design & appropriate deployment.Learn more

Fire & Gas

Yarco provides Fire and Gas services and application to the Oil & Gas sector, power & utilities, manufacturing and building infrastructure.Learn more

Panel Building

We offer different Panel Building services comprising of: PLC System & Marshalling Cabinets Learn more

Functional Safety

We provide functional safety services covering the following; Functional Safety Analysis: HAZOP / LOPA  Safety Requirement Specification (SRS) Development Services.Learn more

Compressor Controls

As technology advances and processes evolve, the need for an updated, effective turbomachinery control solution (TCS) is evident.Learn more

Remote Monitoring Services

Industrial IoT (IIoT) technology is enabling remote monitoring of oil and gas production platforms and the industries at large.Learn more