As technology advances and processes evolve, the need for an updated, effective turbomachinery control solution (TCS) is evident. When turbines, compressors, and centrifugal pumps work together efficiently, the potential for danger or equipment damage is minimized. However, when systems are not regularly analyzed, tested, and monitored, even small disruptions can have significant consequences.

Yarco support you in engineering, to system optimization, system integration thereby enhancing your plant productivity, safety and quality for the following Turbo machineries, Turbo Compressors, Steam Turbines, Gas Turbines, Expanders. Our engineered solutions vary from software-based turbo machinery control applications to fully furnished PLC or DCS based systems to supply Integrated Turbine and Compressor Control (ITCC) systems. Control-Care supplies to new built projects as well as existing sites . These machines often operate continuously in a critical and demanding environment. Unexpected shutdown must be prevented.